Video Commerce

Traditional Service Job

Service technicians typically visit a home with a job specification provided by the office and complete the relevant task or schedule a call back if further work is required. Technicians are dispatched as efficiently as possible to complete as many jobs in a day as possible and follow ups with the customer are typically arranged through the office or a CRM system to deliver ongoing customer contact with very little relationship being built between the technician and the customer. The lifetime customer value is one and done.

Using “Shoppable Key Video Moments” to drive sales

How to transform a $500 service call into a value added upsale of $1,000 in additional products and services. This is good for the company and good for the customer who has all their needs addressed from a trusted partner.

Technicians do not necessarily have the skill set to explain the benefits of different products and services that an organization can offer in a succinct way for a customer who has needed their help. Using Shoppable Key Video Moments, technicians can complete their job and whilst processing the paperwork, show the customer one or more Key Video Moments for products and services that could benefit them and either remediate the leak or prevent future call outs. With the ability for one-click shopping built into the video (including taking payment), the purchase can be made on site and the technician can install the product, located in their truck, or arrange the next service visit whilst with the customer.

Win-win for customers and company

Customers want to purchase services and products from companies and individuals that they trust. The introduction of shoppable key video moments enables a technician to become more profitable by not only delivering the initial service, but also enabling customers to learn about solutions that will make them feel safer and make a difference to the environment. The benefits are that the customer is better protected from possible future water damage issues and the company has made more money and is now a trusted provider of products and services. Key Video Moments can then also be linked into a CRM system to follow up with additional offers for products and services, delivering continuous customer engagement and sales and transforming the business from a service business to a distribution platform, therefore driving higher lifetime value per customer.