Sewer Blockages

Drains / Sewer Blockages = Damage & Cost

All drains and sewers have the potential for costly and potentially damaging blockages.  Blocked drains can cause many problems for homeowners and commercial customers resulting in wastewater back-up that damages floors, walls, ceilings and household items.

Stagnant water in blocked drains can also lead to mold, pathogens and unpleasant odors, affecting the health of the household. In turn, stagnant water can also lead to mosquitoes, flies and rodents. Finally, prolonged water exposure due to blocked drains can weaken the structural integrity of the property.

The main causes of blocked drains and foreign objects can be homeowner-induced such as food scraps, hair, fats, oil and grease. Blockages are also caused by natural factors such as the roots from nearby trees and shrubs growing and crushing sewer pipes.

Traditional Methods vs Pulse

Traditional methods of pinpointing blockages involve the use of bulky cameras that are inserted into the pipe and pushed along by wires until the technician locates the blockage. This method is costly and time consuming depending on the length of the pipe to be surveyed. 

Water Intelligence’s lightweight solution, the Pulse rapid survey tool, ensures that customers can have their drains and sewers surveyed rapidly and accurately using our patented acoustic system. Pulse sends a range of acoustic frequencies into the sewer/drain and analysing the data, providing an accurate result in under a minute.

In addition, to homes, Pulse can work equally well on larger diameter pipe used in municipal networks.  In fact, Pulse can a locate blockage on pipes with diameters ranging from 2” to 24”.  Distances of over 300ft can be surveyed in less than a minute with a high degree of accuracy thus providing significant savings in cost and time.

Changing the Economics for Home Owners and Warranty Companies

Pulse’s rapid, minimally invasive approach changes the economics for end users and business channels.  Typically, warranty companies protect homeowners based on a monthly subscription fee.  Warranty companies compute the number of job call-outs based on frequency of occurrence and the time required to find the blockage.  Pulse cuts the time to find a blockage into a fraction and can produce a digitized report.  With such improvements in time-to-fix and accuracy, warranty companies can charge homeowners less per subscription.