Swimming Pool Leaks

Swimming Pools and Water Loss Pain

All swimming pools – whether residential, commercial, water parks or municipal community pools  – leak at some point for various reasons. Given the amount of water involved (in some cases hundreds of thousands of gallons) and the size of the investment in a pool, customers seek the most cost-effective way to find and fix leaks.

Pool structures are more complicated than consumers realize with various components for a service technician to test from skimmers to return lines to water features. Moreover, shifting ground in and around a pool can cause fittings to come loose producing small leaks leading to thousands of gallons of water loss. The biggest challenge for leak detection and repair is to isolate the cause despite the movement of water. Often service providers return to the location multiple times and charge fees multiple times as they fail to find stable solutions.

Traditional Methods / “Bucket Test” vs. ALD Proprietary Technology / “LeakVue”

Most pool service companies try to find water leaks by using techniques such as “pressure testing,” “dye testing,” and “isolating features.” In all cases, technicians need to measure the effect of their techniques. Unfortunately, variables such as wind, evaporation or even simple splashing can produce deceptive collateral circumstances getting in the way of an accurate diagnosis.

Traditionally, service providers use “primitive” methods such as a “bucket test” to test whether the leak detection technique applied is having a positive effect on stabilizing the level of water in a pool. Unfortunately, bucket tests are notoriously imprecise leading the pool owner to call back the service provider multiple times leading to wasted time and money, sometimes thousands of dollars and a great deal of aggravation.

American Leak Detection distinguishes itself in the marketplace with its fifty years of experience with advanced techniques for pinpointing and repairing swimming pool leaks. Most importantly, we are the only company in the marketplace with  LeakVue – our proprietary device that uses optics and computers to measure the exact level of water in a pool taking into account different variables such as evaporation; precision, amazingly to the thousandth of an inch.

In this way, American Leak technicians can  (i) leverage trade secret techniques to pinpoint leaks, (ii) measure in a precise way the effect of such techniques and (iii) print out for the customer’s records our diagnosis of the problem. Hence ALD can deploy our minimally-invasive approach effectively and in many cases eliminate the need for “call backs”.

One And Done: an outcome that saves the homeowner the cost and aggravation of multiple visits. 

It is a true “win-win” for all:  given the demand for American Leak Detection minimally invasive solutions for pools across the United States, UK and Australia, servicing the customer in an efficient way earns trust and avoids wasted “call backs” for our technicians as well. True return on investment for both sides.