Video-Based AI Training

Training Pain Especially In Trades

There is a global shortage, particularly in the United States, of trained workers in the trades.  According to an AGC and Autodesk survey, 80% of construction firms are struggling to fill hourly craft positions. Analysts expect this to worsen with more than 3 million skilled trade jobs will be open by 2028. Labor costs are rising everywhere adding to inflation.  There are various reasons: Aging workforce with a shortage of trained younger workers; poor STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education at lower levels of schooling; or product installation and repair ever more complex because of technology.

Higher Labor Costs + Less Productivity From Current Training Methods Equals Lower Profits 

Traditional methods of training for the trades are typically based on “hands-on” training at a corporate training center coupled with “On-the-Job” Apprenticeship.  In the current marketplace for skilled labor, this approach does not work well.

Workers often train “on-the-job” after a period of classroom training at a corporate site.  Such an approach is undermined given the underlying dynamics of fewer workers with poor educational foundations.  The outcome of traditional training is that it takes longer for blue-collar staff to complete tasks and even when seemingly complete there are “Call backs” because the job was not done properly and the customer is unhappy.

Solution to Training Puzzle for American Leak Detection

“SEEEN Key Video Moments” leveraging proprietary AI techniques drive faster training / higher productivity / fewer “callbacks”.  As part of an investment in SEEEN, American Leak Detection (ALD) has a royalty-free license to SEEEN Technology.

Unique Features of SEEEN AI-Driven Video Moments for ALD

With Key Video Moments, the technician can be (i) given a quick video pre-briefing outlining the job and all the equipment needed and (ii) when at the site, they can search for quick tips on how best to do a job and which tools to use, without calling back to the office or having to bring a colleague who is better placed to do it.

Snackable Information

Video Moments are 15-30 second “moments of interest” that can be delivered to any mobile device “on-demand”

Efficiently Extracted

Video Moments are efficiently extracted from longer proprietary training videos that are used for “corporate classroom” training

Customizable and Relevant

AI and Natural Language Processing embedded in the Video Moment can pick out “briefing points for newly trained leak detection specialists and deliver them electronically to the technician at the job on his mobile device as a “refresher”

Searchable Mobile Libraries for a Technician

“Tagged” Information enables a technician on the job site to search a “library of video moments” for a “Key Video Moment” that focuses on the problem at hand

These SEEEN features translate into ALD Benefits

Productivity Benefits

Fully Trained Tech Yields Earlier

Faster training times with better refreshers and revision guides, mean that technicians can be deployed faster. For example, a qualified technician can generate $300,000 of revenue in a year; with a 3-month acceleration of the training program, a technician will reach this “run-rate” faster.  In this example, Junior technicians might only generate $250,000 for their first year under traditional training methods.

Fewer Call Backs

By reducing (i) call backs and (ii) job times (because the technician has all the equipment and doesn’t need to visit a hardware store for extra kit), a technician could complete a few more jobs per week.  An additional 10% of sales from extra jobs would be worth around $30,000 per year per technician

Customer Satisfaction Benefits

(Home Owners and National Channels Such as Insurance)

Higher Targets for Service Level Agreements

Up-sale opportunities  

Key Video Moments can deliver new product information in real-time for the Smart Home with ALD Technician installation training