Group Overview

We have offerings for any diameter pipe – small, medium, large – to provide leak detection solutions for our residential, commercial and municipal customers respectively.  Our solutions apply to both clean water and wastewater problems.  While we deploy these solutions through our four operating subsidiaries, each of these subsidiaries also has special innovation expertise for certain problems from which build new products to be sold by all of the subsidiaries. 

American Leak Detection (ALD)

ALD is the core business of Water Intelligence plc.   The business was incorporated in California in 1974.  ALD changed the water infrastructure services industry by pioneering the use of acoustic and infrared-based technology to pinpoint water leaks as opposed to traditional methods of visual inspection followed by breaking walls or digging up surfaces until the origins of the leak could be found.  ALD’s traditional focus has been on small-diameter pipe:  houses, swimming pools, commercial structures.  For these types of hard-to-find leaks, customers such as homeowners, property management, and insurance companies have highly valued quality of service and minimal destruction to walls, floors, and roofs.  ALD is constantly innovating to contribute to the “smart home.”  Most recently, ALD has deployed Leakvue – a device that enables faster and more efficient ways to find leaks in complicated structures such as swimming pools. 

ALD has close to 150 locations divided between corporate-run locations (30% and franchise-run locations (70%) both operating under the same brand and deploying the same solutions.  Typically, leak detection and repair services are local given various licensing restrictions.  ALD’s coverage across the United States as a trusted national brand is unique and makes ALD a sought-after partner for other national partners such as insurance companies, property management and home builders.  ALD also has operations in Canada and Australia.  

ALD Liner

ID is a specialized subsidiary launched by ALD after the acquisition of certain patents for lining open channels used to convey water.  ALD customers, especially in agribusiness, expressed a need for innovation to minimize water leakage as water is moved in earthen or concrete channels from rivers or reservoirs.  ID uses a patented design and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material to deliver water efficiently with essentially zero losses due to leakage. The liner also provides puncture and abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and the same top-level performance even in freeze and thaw cycles. A mechanical connection between liner sections also allows for a small degree of movement, giving the system outstanding performance with low maintenance.  Finally, ID’s solution is easy to install for customers.  A small crew using only hand tools is able to cover more than 500 linear feet per day.  After significant time in product development, ID launched its first commercial pilot in Avon, Colorado with Ferguson LLC – the largest plumbing supply distributor in the United States.

Water Intelligence International (WII)

WII is the operating company that builds on and drives two areas – municipal customers and international opportunities – that are not the focus for American Leak Detection but still important for the growth of the overall Water Intelligence plc platform.  

WII has been built through acquisition starting with NRW Utilities Ltd in 2016; an acquisition that established our UK operating experience.  WII provides solutions for large-diameter pipes used to convey municipal water and wastewater.  In understanding the needs of municipal customers, WII has led the way in building proprietary devices to pinpoint wastewater blockages (Pulse) and to reduce the cost of municipal water surveys to assess the condition of infrastructure (LS1). 

The leadership team at WII also has significant experience with the management of large-scale municipal projects in various parts of the world.  As a result, WII has leveraged its municipal expertise and innovation and assumed the lead role in driving Water Intelligence’s international presence forward.  WII has a significant range of customers from Thames Water in the UK to Athens Water in the EU to Sydney Water in Australia.  Moreover, WII is helping ALD continue to develop municipal projects in the US.

WaterSave Ltd (WS)

WS is a UK-based water management consultancy with customers ranging from local water authorities to commercial water parks to property management.  WS provides a range of services from infrastructure assessment to leak detection.  WS was acquired by WII in 2021 in order to build critical mass in the UK with commercial and property management customers that would complement WII’s municipal customer base.  In addition, WS provides an operating base to grow ALD services and products in the UK.