Our Mission

Water Intelligence is a leading multinational water infrastructure solutions company whose mission is to safeguard the world’s most precious resource. We are creating a “One Stop Shop” for minimally invasive leak detection and repair solutions. We have solutions for all size of pipes – residential, commercial, municipal – and a unique services footprint across the United States and in the UK, Australia and Canada.

Water Intelligence recognizes its differentiated value proposition as a technology company that is transforming aging water infrastructure. We use proprietary and third-party technologies to provide minimally-invasive solutions to water loss. And we deliver such solutions in technology-enabled fashion by deploying the world’s leading customer relationship management and web applications to ensure operating efficiency and data security.

Our Mission

Water Intelligence also recognizes its opportunity to unlock significant stakeholder value both through organic growth and through acquisition, especially of its franchise-operated units.

Most importantly, Water Intelligence appreciates the public recognition of its Impact vision having been awarded the Green Economy Mark from the London Stock Exchange. It is also pleased to have the support of leading ESG funds.

Group Organization

The Water Intelligence Group executes its business through two wholly-owned subsidiaries –

American Leak Detection (ALD) and Water Intelligence International (WII). These two businesses have technology-based water infrastructure solutions that span the full range of service lines and customers: residential, commercial, municipal, clean water, and wastewater. ALD and WII each also have recently-acquired subsidiaries that feed additional solutions into their respective customer

American Leak Detection is the core business unit of the Group and headquartered in the U.S.. ALD operates in over 150 locations spread across 46 states of the US with select locations in Canada and Australia. ALD provides technology-based, minimally invasive water and wastewater solutions for small and medium diameter pipes – residential and commercial. It has strategic channel partners such as national insurance companies, property management and homebuilders. From its 150+locations, ALD also cross-sells municipal solutions provided by its sister company Water Intelligence International.

In 2021, ALD acquired 70% of US-based IntelliDitch, Inc. (ID) in order to provide irrigation and stormwater run-off solutions for agriculture and property management customers. ID has patented technology that minimizes water loss by lining open channel water conveyances which are typical across the western half of the United States. Such open channel conveyances are
also relied upon around the world.

Water Intelligence International (WII) provides commercial and municipal solutions for the Group – medium and large diameter pipes. WII is headquartered in the UK and leads the non-US growth of the business with multinational customer relationships such as Thames Water (UK) and Sydney Water (Australia). It also provides municipal solutions across the US such as with respect to Flint, Michigan.

In 2021, WII acquired 100% of UK-based Wat-er-Save Ltd. (WS) in order to expand its customer base to residential and commercial customers in the UK. With WS capabilities and customers, WII is able to cross-sell its sister-company ALD solutions into the UK market.