Our Business

Services – American Leak Detection is our services business. It comprises Original Leak Specialists located throughout the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Spain, and select other countries. Its mission is to non-invasively locate and remediate water leaks in the residential, commercial and utility water markets.

Products – Qonnectis Networks is our products business. It offers traditional and smart flow leak monitors to easily and cost-effectively detect leakage problems. One of Qonnectis’ products is Leakfrog, which was developed in partnership with Thames Water, the UK’s largest water company, and rolled out as part of the Victorian Mains Renewal programme. Leakfrog allows water companies to monitor their domestic customers’ homes for water leaks.

Significantly, the Leakfrog product only takes seconds to install. A single meter reader can usually fit over 120 Leakfrog units in a day and then return the following day to read the Leakfrog display which will show the presence and quantity of any leaks. Because a Leakfrog unit can typically be used on thousands of different meters during its 3-year life span, it provides utilities with a very economical leak detection strategy. It therefore also helps reduce water loss as well as help eliminate subsequent damage to buildings and property.